Newsletter October 31, 2015

Happy Reformation Day! 498 years ago today, Martin Luther nailed 95 questions to a church door sparking the reclamation of grace in the church and lifting high the name of Jesus. We continue this traditions, with fewer nails in doors (unless necessary) today at Grace Church. Be free by the work of Jesus in your place. Live boldly and rest well. 

Tomorrow we begin our "Manifest" series in Romans 12-16, living gospel implications. We will view our relationship toward God in Romans 12:1-2 and position ourselves to be awakened and motivated by his transforming mercies. Join us at 10 at Del Norte High School's Performing Arts Center. 

Student Ministry: We are gearing up to launch the Grace Church Student Ministry. On the first and third Wednesday of each month, High School Students, will be meeting at the Detrich’s Home: 1937 Pizarro Lane, Escondido. Email questions to: 

November 4th, 6:30PM will be our first gathering.  RSVP on the City. 

Budget Meeting: We will have a congregational meeting for members to affirm 2016 budget on November 15 after service. Members will have access to the proposed budget beginning on the 8th and can ask questions via email, phone or in person. The meeting will be a short update and opportunity to affirm the budget. 

Daylight Savings Time: Set Clocks BACK one hour before bed Saturday Night!!!  
All Smart Phones already know!