Newsletter November 19, 2015

How far does this Christian thing go? Already in our study of Romans we have seen that it has eternal implications (those are the ones we like) and implications in our current experiences, like loving other Christians and loving the world we live in. But how about the governments we find ourselves under? Does this faith thing really play into politics and civic involvement? What if we find ourselves under government pressure to do something the Bible seems to disagree with? 

We will get into it this Sunday at 10am at Del Norte High. Romans 13:1-7 "The Best Citizens." Join us. 

Budget Affirmed: The assembled members of the church last week affirmed the 2016 operation budget that will go into effect on January 1. Thank you for the questions and affirmation. 

East County Youth Retreat: Sign-up’s for the 2016 Pine Valley Youth Retreat continue this Sunday! Youth and parents, don’t miss this special time to pull away and meet with God through His Word. 

Dates: Friday, Jan. 22- Sat., Jan. 23 (Arrive 3 p.m. Friday- Depart 9 p.m. Saturday) Cost: $85/camper ($25 deposit will reserve your spot, beginning this Sunday!) Includes: 1 night (cabins w/ bunkbeds!), 4 delicious meals! 

The speaker, Josh Fenska loves Jesus and will help you love Him too! Contact person for the retreat is Sharon Farrington

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