The Future

The last few months have been an exciting time for us in the life of the church as we put leaders in place and make decisions that will position us as a church to continue boldly proclaiming the gospel into the future. Since it has been a few months full of motion however, it is far too easy to miss announcements so I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date!

As a congregation you have affirmed our elder nominees! Scott McCarthy, Bill Detrich, Charles Henkels and Jerry Shirley have begun to meet with the Interim Board (IBOD) as we navigate a transition over the next couple of months but we are planning to install them as elders during our April 19 Sunday gathering. I hope you can join us to celebrate the new elder council and God’s faithfulness to the church in this season.

The IBOD term concludes by May 31 and we are planning to honor these men for their sacrificial care of Grace Church soon. Joe, Tom, Alexis, Allen, Scott and Jerry have led us through a difficult season and their work will have lasting benefits. Please take every opportunity to thank them.

The other big news of the last few weeks is that we have terminated our lease on Via Frontera and are planning to move our Sunday morning service to Del Norte High School beginning in June. This decision allows us to better steward God’s provision and your faithful and generous financial support. As we get ready for the move, please be prepared for a little dust as we sell many items and equipment in the building.

We will meet in our current space through May, have a church celebration on June 7and meet for the first time in the Del Norte High performing arts center on the 14th of June. Service will be at 10 am as usual and children’s ministry will be active.

This is a new season for Grace Church and I hope you are as excited about the things to come as I am. Thank you for praying and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.