Expectancy Over Indifference

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection... 

The Wise Men journeyed at their own expense a great distance following the star that would show them the child born King of the Jews. It is a great story of response to Jesus and we see the characters living much as we do, at times indifferent to the arrival of Jesus, maybe even hostile to him. But the intended response, and the one I hope we can cling on to for our church, is worship. 

The Wise Men fell down before this king, not to earn anything or curry favor with him, but profoundly because of who he is. The child destined to be King. 

I think the hope for us is that there is an expectancy that kills the indifference. The Wise Men expected something grand - the King of the Jews - and because that was their expectation, they could only worship. Inject this into our lives and the same thing holds true. When we live expectant, waiting on Christ's return and what he will do in transforming us, then we can't remain indifferent to him. He really does change our lives and give us more than we could imagine. 

This Christmas, may the King of the Jews, work in us by his Spirit, divine expectation. That we would be expectant worshipers of King Jesus. 

What a delight it was to gather and worship at the Poway Community Center yesterday. At lunch some of us were reflecting on the young couples that have recently joined us at Grace and I am so thankful for the family of believers Jesus is bringing together for his glory. 

I hope you can join us Saturday for our Christmas Eve service, 6pm at Del Norte. Either way, have a Merry Christmas and know you are loved, by Jesus and by the team at Grace!