Singing of Jesus

I really like records. You know, old school vinyl records. I have great memories of my Dad spinning records, headphones on and singing along with the Imperials (remember them?!), it didn't sound pretty but it was entertaining. I also remember when my aunt gave my brother the Footloose soundtrack and we had to hide that record, because after all, no upstanding Christian home would listen to the music of Footloose (funny enough that is the story of the movie!)

Fast forward 30 years and vinyl is hip again. It is nostalgic and depending on who you ask, has better sound quality compared to the digital files we listen to now. So like any good wanna be hipster, I have a pretty solid collection of vinyl. And every now and again I dust off a record and place on the turntable and enjoy the sound. The deep grooves that somehow belt out melody and tones that stir and comfort you. 

So what does vinyl have to do with Jesus? Probably not much... but I think reading the Psalms is a lot like listening to vinyl and the Psalms have everything to do with Jesus. These are the songs of generations past. They have deep groves and the occasional scratches that provide a sound that brings a people back to the core and calls forth hope in a future that was to come. These are the songs that Israel would sing, that Jesus and his disciples grew up listening to and singing along with. 

In Jesus, that future has come. When Israel was singing, wether they knew it or not, they were singing of Jesus. And so it is to the Psalms that we head for the next two months to hear the melody of Jesus. The hope, the promise, the fulfilled gift that he is. We will join in the song of ages ago to lift high the name of our Savior. So dust off the Psalms, crank them loud and be stirred and comforted by what you hear!