Newsletter January 11, 2017

Sunday morning at 10am we will continue in our study of 1 Corinthians with the first half of chapter 9. Paul is building on his call for setting aside our rights for the good of others and here he sets aside his rights for the good of the gospel. How will the price of admission challenge us? Join us for worship at Del Norte High. 

Student at Grace - Tonight at 7pm we will gather for our Bible Study. Usual location at the Detrich's in ESCO. 

Financial Stewardship - The Grace Financial Stewardship group will get underway on Sunday, January 15 with an introductory lunch. Contact Bill Detrich, to RSVP and get more information. 

Finance - Our final 2016 numbers are in and we received $164,425 in contributions and had expenses of $168,492. While we ran a small deficit we are rejoicing at the Lord's provision through your generosity. Given the last two years of transition at Grace this is a great report. 

Reminder on Start Time - On Sunday we kicked off our new order of service and everything went well. Thank you for arriving on time for worship (10am!) and easily adjusting to the changes.