Entitled to Better Jokes!

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection.  

After service yesterday Nancy came up to me and asked if as a church we were entitled to better jokes! You had to hear the sermon to get the jokes, but I do suppose my attempts at humor fall shorter than we deserve! 

It raises an interesting question that follows after our study of 1 Corinthians 9:1-18, what exactly are we entitled to as a church and how can we move in that direction. While the list might be long and legitimate, we have determine, just as Paul in Corinth, to preach the free-of-charge gospel and live together in response to it. Not a lot of frills to that, and given the size of our church that means there probably won't be a program for everyone in the church but is the gospel and community we lean into enough for us? That really is the question. 

It might not feel like it is that cut and dry, and any number of reasons for something else will come to mind, but more than ever I have confidence in the vision and mission the Lord has given us as a church. 2017 is a year in which we can put our stake in the ground and commit one to another in living in response to the gospel. For some that will mean we are empowered by the Spirit to live like the Apostle Paul, setting aside his legitimate rights for the good of the body and the glory of Christ. It is a tall order in our day but one that is an expression of lives radically transformed by the grace of God.  

This week I am praying that we all would see the gospel as better, see Jesus as the person and possession of greatest value. That being among a rag-tag group of people determined to remind each other of Him whenever we are together is worthwhile and good. That Christ would be glorified in our church and lives and that he would expand his kingdom in San Diego.