Newsletter January 4, 2017

It was a splendid Advent season and now as we head into the New Year we get cracking back in our study of 1 Corinthians. This Sunday we look at chapter 8 and notice what makes Christianity distinct among all religions and how we as Christians live among each other. It really is what sets us apart and it is good news. Join us as we continue to grow our church family, Sunday, January 8 at 10am in the Performing Arts Center of Del Norte High School. 

You Have Been Warned! - We will launch a new order of service this week. Promptly at 10am our service will kick off with announcements then singing of two songs to prepare for worshiping in the Word. This means children will be released earlier and we will have less time to "sneak in" on Sunday mornings. We will respond to the preaching with worship in song and prayer giving us more intentional time of ministry among one another. We are trusting this will be a healthy change for Grace and encourage you to endeavor to join us on time. 

Financial Stewardship - The Grace Financial Stewardship group will get underway on Sunday, January 15 with an introductory lunch. Contact Bill Detrich, to RSVP and get more information. 

Youth Retreat - For those attending the Grace Church East County Student Retreat, forms and payment are due this week. Please submit them to Sharon Farrington at East County.