Made One, Made Generous


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

I have been in far too many meetings that the question of motivating a group of people has come up and it has been decided to incentivize or simply guilt people into action. Now, this is completely normal and expected in politcs or marketing departments worldwide, but what of the church? 

How do you get people into small groups? How do you get them to give to the church with regularity? How do you move them to actually build relationships with other believers? 

How we answer these questions says a lot about our trust in Jesus and his good news of redemption and power for life. In Acts 4 the church is motivated, they are united in one heart and soul and they are generous with each other. There is no need among them as those with resources make extravagant transactions to benefit the family of faith. 

But it was not the Apostles guilting them into action - it was the belief in the gospel that bonded them together, that gave them eyes for each other and the ability to care for one another. 

The gospel unites the church in generosity. 

It is a beautiful picture of the gospel preached finding purchase in the hearts of its hearers and transforming how they live. We, as Reservoir Church, want to be so awakened by the gospel that our lives in response to it look like this. Unity. Generosity. One another. 

How can you let the gospel go deeper into your life this week? What nook or your soul can you surrender to the mega grace of Jesus? Let it transform you. Let it give you eyes to see your family of faith. And let the world see how we live in light of Jesus. 

Lord, use us. Unites us. Make us generous. All for your glory and our good. Amen!