Emptied to be Filled


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

God always keeps his promises and at Christmas, we celebrate the arrival of the Serpent Crusher - the One that would make things right and return us to the garden.  This is Jesus. Savior. King. Come for you. And empowering you by his Spirit to live for his glory. It is the perfect reminder as we move into Advent and the busyness of the Christmas season.

It is good news of great joy for all the people, for sure, and it is news that lands where we are. Whether in difficulty or comfort. Whether discouraged or invigorated. It is still a message for you and for all of life.

While we were having our worship gathering Sunday, Elder Bill was given an image of two candy canes. One turned upside down being catching, being filled, and the other right-side up, being poured out, emptied.

It is an image of exactly where we all are - some being filled, others being poured out as if there is nothing left to give. Of course, the image also represents the cycles of life in Christ - emptied to be filled. Filled to be poured out for the glory of Christ and the good of others.

Looking at this through the lens of community, let's be intentional about bringing our emptiness and our abundance to one another, to support, minister and relieve. The body of Christ is meant for this that we would experience the promised gift, new life, full life in Christ.

Whichever way your candy cane is pointing, know that Jesus is for you and he means to fill you with himself. That truly makes it a Merry Christmas!