Christ-Centered Trust


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

Advent is upon us. The Babe has come. He has ordained, planned and executed every moment of history to get to that stable. He enters into the mess for you. 

This gift isn't something we can live up to. This is not a gift we could earn or manipulate for selfish gain. This is the good news of Jesus, God himself coming to redeem a people, to save the hurting and those hunting for more. And because it's true, everything changes. 

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." Psalm 20:7. Jesus is now our place of trust, our anchor, our foundation. Nothing can move us off of this center. He holds every moment; he owns the world. 

I want to live this way, fully trusting in Jesus alone, not in my "chariots or horses." I desire to be so aware of Christ entering into my mess that nothing keeps me from following him with all of who I am. Maybe you want this too, at least I hope you do! 

If so, let's commit this Advent season to allow the truth of Christ sink all the more deep, to our very core. That it alone would shape how we live, the passions we pursue, the priorities we maintain. One step at a time, giving our lives to him and genuinely gaining what he says is life. 

If you agree, say "Amen!" Good. Let's lean into Jesus together. This is the place where the Spirit works. His power revealed in our weakness. His answer to our prayers for help.