Newsletter February 22, 2017

This Sunday we will be swinging from the chandeliers as we open 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. The Spirit gives gifts for the common good. Careful not to focus on the gifts so much you miss their purpose. 10am, Sunday at Del Norte High. 

Revision 2017 Prayer Hosts - Revision 2017, our season of seeking and waiting on the Lord begins in one week and we are looking for homes to host our Thursday evening prayer meetings, 7-8pm, just open the door and let some folks in to pray for spiritual renewal and revival in San Diego. To sign up to host contact 

Men's Saturday Study - Open the word with other dudes in the church and see Jesus together. Saturdays at 9am, Carmel Mountain Ranch. Contact 

Disability Outreach - Volunteers from the church will take worship to our neighbors in a nearby care facility once a month. Sign up to sing, hang out and share the love of Christ with our friends. Contact