Spirit-charged Church

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection

As we have been laboring together to replant this church over the last couple of years one of my consistent prayers is 'what would the church look like with committed members that value the community of believers.' At least it is something like that. All of us prioritizing the church and each other, not seeing worship as another item to include on the calendar but a vital connection with other believers and a place of equipping for life. 

Somewhat in answer to this prayer comes our study of 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. This is the church committed, valuing each other and being gifted by the Spirit for the common good. Each one is gifted so this an "all in" reality to the church, everyone bringing something to the table, and serving the body. And the Spirit makes sure we have all we need to glorify Christ, but we need to be there, participating, involved, prioritizing the church not just consuming when it fits the schedule or the musicians or preachers we like are serving. 

The opposite, an arms-length distance from the body and other believers is essentially a denial of Jesus as Lord.

Of course this comes from the Spirit, not only the gifts but the desire for them and the desire for the good of the body, to be committed to the church. We can seek it, ask for it and surely this is something the Spirit will give - a vision for commitment as a member of the body and the gifts, as varied as they are, for the common good. Then we become the Spirit-charged church! 

My prayer is that in this season, as we remain open to the gifts the Spirit gives us, is that he will refine us to prioritize each other and the proclamation of the gospel. That we would witness the greatest miracle, people calling Jesus Lord, frequently and fervently. That we would be a Spirit-charged church. I invite you to pray this way with me, that the Spirit would give you a vision for involvement and commitment to the church for the glory of Christ.