Why Sing After the Sermon

We are nearly a month into our new order of service, with the majority of our singing worship after the sermon on Sundays. Why the change? As a church we want to shape our culture to be responsive to Christ. We want to live in response to what Jesus has done for us and what he calls us to. One small way we model this is singing in response to Jesus being preached from Scripture. 

This gives us more time to reflectively worship Christ, share communion, seek him in prayer and allow his word to penetrate our crowded hearts. And it is further declaration that it is Christ that brings us to God not our singing. 

Even the way we worship makes a difference. We are praying for fruit in the change and that we would witness to the world how we are transformed and worshipful at the name of Christ being proclaimed. 

For more on why we would singing after the sermon, check out this article from Humble Beast records