Fully Known

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

Now we know in part, then we will fully know, just as we have been fully known. This is Paul's glimpse into the future reality of the believer from the basis of the past reality - the love we receive in Christ while he fully knows us. 

It is a striking thing. To be fully known. Not even our most intimate friends or lovers know us fully in this way. There are still thoughts and emotions that remain veiled and hidden. But here, Christ sees all, knows all, beyond our veneers and attempts at maintaining the best face. And in this knowing, he truly loves us. Not because of what he knows but because he loves. Nothing stands in the way of this love and it is permanently moving toward this future love we are set for. 

How should this transform our lives now? It changes the game. We don't need to prove anything but can live for something bigger than ourselves because we have been loved in this way. We can serve alongside other believers in the church as we all have been fully known and loved. We can be gracious to others because we have received grace. And we can provide hope to our neighbors looking for this kind of love in all the wrong places. 

Today I am praying that you tangibly experience this love, this grace of Christ. That you would realize you are fully known and fully loved in Jesus. And that they Spirit is empowering you to share this love with others for God's glory and your good. 

You are loved. Know it. Live it. Give it.