The Spirit and Gospel Clarity

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

As we have studied 1 Corinthians 14 I am again struck by the purpose of serving others in the life of the church. Once we have benefited from the gift of grace we receive in Christ, we look around, loving and serving others. First to build up brothers and sisters in Christ and next to see unbelievers come to faith in Jesus. 

It is a great good to be used for the good of others and add to that Spirit empowerment and gifting and the church is unique and existing as it was meant. We pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that we would prophesy. 

This call to intelligible speech in the worship of the gathered church is helpful and give us some guard rails as we do life together, but what I find amazing is what prophecy is meant to proclaim. Surely there will be prophetic words that speak of situation and persons but they will always be meant to build up and the place of building, encouragement, edification and comfort is the gospel. 

That lost in sin, Jesus worked and gave himself up for us - for you personally - that he would bring us to God. Into relationship with our creator, what we were made for. That there is an eternity that is ours to be with Jesus experiencing his unending love for us. What good news. 

My prayer this week is that as we continue to seek the Lord for spiritual renewal he will send his word, prophetically, to remind us of his goodness, his plan and his empowerment for us as a church and as a people. 

Lord help us, that we would see more of you in the gospel, that we would desire the gifts and lift your name high in their expression. Amen.