Unity on Mission

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

Yesterday we saw from 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 that the church in Christ is built for variety, unity and ministry. We all bring something unique to the church. Our personalities, our backgrounds, but especially the gifts that the Spirit gives us for the common good and the mission Jesus calls us to. 

If one member is missing, it won't work. We are designed for this unity and I am thankful for the reminder from the word to live toward it, in love for one another. 

My son has a toy made up of gears that he loves to assemble and engineer these elaborate moving creations. The fascinating thing is, if one piece is missing, the whole contraption won't work as it was designed. Some parts might move, but it is surprising how even the parts you don't think matter are indispensable to the function of the creation. This seems to be an exact analogy for the church. 


We all matter, we are all gifted, and we are all meant to be on mission together. And from that realization we need the Spirit to empower us in it. We drink of the refreshment of the Spirit, the gospel, his gifts and purpose, and we unite with each other. Only by the Spirit can peace and unity be maintained, and only by the Spirit can we see the lost saved and our city changed. 

Today my prayer is that we would recognize our gifting, use it in unison with the body and be on mission as a whole, knowing Jesus and making him known. I hope you will join me!