Doing All We Do In Love

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

It has been hot! A few of us are glad the warm temps have arrived, and the sweaty among us are less than excited... but 95 is nothing when we have a vision for October in San Diego! 

Thinking of heat, and finishing our study of 1 Corinthians, I am struck by how the Lord uses the "heat" of life to refine his church and move them forward in reliance on him. And oh boy has Grace Church had its share of heat! But being part of something bigger than ourselves, and made better than ourselves in Christ is quite the prize. 

We view the Christ-exalting team that we are on as diverse and spread around in our city, we see the value of laboring together under healthy leadership as worth it because we have been loved in Jesus, and our love is genuine because it is not generated by a competitive attitude but the work of Christ. 

My prayer this week for us is that we would often return to the truth of Christ as our motivator, fuel, and reward. That Jesus would continue to form us into the local church that he desires. And that we would do all that we do in love because we are loved. 

Will you join me in praying this way this week? Who knows what will happen!