Newsletter July 12, 2017

This Sunday we welcome Eric Turbedsky from Sovereign Grace Church in Orange, CA. Eric served at Grace Church for a number of years and remains a partner in the gospel as we move into this new season as Reservoir Church. 10 am Del Norte High School. 

Monthly Prayer – Building a movement of prayer at our church. Interested in joining a monthly prayer meeting? Contact Bill

Hold Fast Women’s Retreat - Ladies, don’t miss the first ever Reservoir Church Women's Retreat! Come reflect with us on Hebrews 10 and share times of fellowship and renewal. We will be in Big Bear Friday afternoon September 15 to Saturday evening September 16. The cost is $75 per person (covers food, lodging, and retreat materials). Contact Stacy or Janice with questions or register here.

Mapping Student Ministries - We are making plans for fall. If you are a student, or parent of a student, and you know you are bought in and will be there, email to let us know.