The Battle Begins Anew

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

It doesn't take long to face the reality of spiritual battle in our new week. I think I was awake maybe ten minutes before I found myself hearing accusation and needing to gear up for battle. It is prevalent. But we are not alone in it, and the victory has been won. 

Exodus 17:8-16 gave us a good model of engaging, facing spiritual battle, praying and partnering with others. This is what we are meant for in the church. To saturate each other in the word of God that we would be prepared and empowered for the battles he allows in our lives. It is Jesus' finished work, his ongoing intercession for us at the throne of heaven, and the strengthening of the Holy Spirit that is the power in this battle. The war has been won and the battles are won in Christ. 

What might you be facing today or this week that is a spiritual battle? Don't disengage, pray. Invite other believers to partner with you, to hold you up, as you pray. And trust in the finished work of Christ, through his sacrifice and obedience all enemies are under his feet. 

Cosmic realities are at play, but you are not alone, in Christ you have been given his power and as the church, we are equipped to pray, that we would see his victory today. 

Let's do this together.