Eclipsed by Grace for One Another


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

Like a sunset on all horizons... What an amazing thing it was that we witnessed today in the solar eclipse. While in southern California we didn't experience the "totality" it was still stunning to watch coverage of the eclipse and the darkness it brought across the country, all two minutes of it. What a demonstration of God's creation and things he has ordered working for our delight and his glory. 

This eclipse has me thinking about the Christian community. As we heard from our friend Tab this week in the pulpit, we were made to help one another avoid the danger of unbelief and to live together in such a way that people would be left in awe. That we would be a sign of God's redemptive plan working and his glory. Just like the sun in the sky as the moon passes by. 

If we are honest, our daily experience doesn't match the exhortation in Hebrews three. Sure we encourage one another, maybe once a month or so, if the schedule permits. But consistent, ongoing relationship like we see in the New Testament? 

There is hope for us still though because Jesus is not done with us! I have been amazed at how God has worked in our church over the last two years and I have no doubt that he will continue to work as we endeavor to build deep relationships with one another as a gospel reminding community. 

Toward that end, will you pray with me, that the Lord would show you where to invest your time and relationship toward others in the church? Where you can encourage saints. And then engage, reach out, let people into your life, show them your need for Jesus and remind them of how he meets you and eclipses life with his grace. 

We are headed toward "life together," for his glory and our good. Let's keep pursuing this community as we look to Jesus.