Jesus is Better

Anchored: Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection


The Spirit's power spotlights the gospel for all people in all of life. 

The mighty rushing wind, the tongues as of fire, the language to declare the mighty works of God to the nations. What an amazing move of the Spirit as he descends on the church and fills everyone in the room. The filling continues and each believer receives this same help, this same power as the Spirit spotlights, emphasizes and implants the truth of the gospel into our hearts and our tongues, to declare it. 

From hearts transformed, left in awe at the goodness of God in the grace of Christ, we then move out into mission. Oh how we desire for this same move of the Spirit in us. 

I am full after a Spirit-filled time of worship and left with an expectancy of what is to come. Reservoir Church is in its genesis and like the church formed in Acts, we need the Spirit's power to understand, own and expose the gospel. And the Lord is working this among us. 

An awesome time of encountering Jesus at the women's retreat last week. Deepening relationships in small groups across the county. Lifting voices of praise together in one accord. God is at work for his glory and we are positioned to be used toward that end. That others may hear. That our lives would be so transformed that the Spirit's work would be noticeable. That we would live knowing and responding to the truth that the gospel is enough. 

Today, and by the Spirit, every day, be reminded that Jesus is better. That his purpose is the worthwhile adventure. And that he has called us together for this time, for this purpose. 

Lord, use us for your glory. Grow your kingdom in San Diego. Help us to believe, to live in your power. Amen.