Jesus Uses Broken Instruments

Photo by  Josh Calabrese  on  Unsplash

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

Saul meets Jesus and we hear that he is a chosen instrument to bring the good news to all people. It is a glorious turn of events. The persecutor, made into a preaching bringing the grace of Christ to a world in need. 

We also see in this narrative of Acts 9 that really all followers of Jesus are made into instruments. As agents of good news, transformed from what we were to bring the refreshment of the gospel to hungry and tired souls. 

When we realize this, however, we can fall into the trap of thinking we need to be perfect, have something we are missing, or just get older, before we can be used for the glory of Christ and the good of others. I recognize this self-talk in my head, 'once I handle my own mess, then I can notice those around me and share Jesus.' As if my mess is quick to clean up! This is a trap because we are left with our own scheming to get "better" or sharing a Christianity that is about cleaning up rather than meeting the Savior. 

Jesus wants to use us, to reveal himself through us, where and when we are. He has promised to sanctify us, transform us into his likeness, but he never said 'wait until that process is complete to be my witnesses.' No, with his grace and freedom in salvation comes usefulness in the Kingdom. 

How will he use you? I am thankful he uses broken instruments because he is still working a lot of fixes in me! Be encouraged today that you are loved and secure in the grace of Jesus. He will use you, he will empower you. Follow him and tell people about him.