Newsletter October 3, 2018


Sunday Jonathan is back in the pulpit as we pick up our study of Isaiah in 3:1-4:6. The Purge & The Promise. God’s people, really all of humanity, were meant for an existence in his presence but because they despised him, he left them to their own pitiful devices. How are we living the same way and where is the relief? 10 am, Sunday, 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido.

Buddy Break - Interested in serving our new ministry? Grab a flyer and chat with Janice about helping out!

Men’s Prayer - Saturday, October 6 at 8 am. Guys join us as we link up for an hour of prayer on the first Saturday of the month. Find us in the church office space.

Small Groups - We have a number of groups that meet locally through the week. Visit our website or email for more info.

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