Newsletter November 14, 2018


We are quick to harass people that start listening to Christmas music in June or put up decorations before Thanksgiving. But Advent, the wait for and arrival of Jesus, was a long time coming. Maybe it should at least be nine months long now, but what about the hundreds of years Judah would have to wait? What about the loss of everything they had trusted in apart from God before generations far off could experience the promise? What about The Long Advent? Sunday we open Isaiah 7:10-8:10 and hear the forecast for the long winter of waiting. Maybe the same gem of hope helps us in our winters of waiting? 10 am 2437 S Centre City PKWY. In Escondido.

Celebrate Jonathan Shirley - He turned 40-years-old yesterday and there is a celebration on Sunday, 2-4 pm at the Shirley’s 1772 Continental Lane, Escondido 92029. All are welcome to wish our good friend a happy birthday!

2019 Budget - Members will receive the 2019 budget on November 25 and two weeks later, December 9, we will discuss and vote to affirm it.

Year-end Giving - Offerings made on Sunday, December 30 will be the last time to physically give tot he church in 2018. Online giving can go through 11:59 pm on the 31st!