Turning the Page

A note from Jonathan:

The countdowns have begun and some church friends in Austria are already wishing us all a God-centered 2019. If you are reading this in time, we still have most of the day to relax and celebrate the calendar turning the page.

It has been a God-centered 2018 and for that we are glad. It was a rich time of worship and prayer as a church family yesterday and Psalm 126 remains as a beacon for us and a prayer heading into the new year. The Lord has done great things for us… Restore us again oh Lord, flood us with your presence.

Tomorrow when we wake up we will most likely not be the thinner version of ourselves, or richer, less stressed, or anything else we have on the resolution list. But we will be kept in the arms of Christ. Secure by his grace, made righteous by his blood. And the transformation will come, it is promised. Maybe not in the way we imagine but as we lean into a trust of him, we will be surprised when we look back 365 days from now.

Let’s keep rolling on. Let’s keep trusting in Christ’s word and his work. Let’s live in the freedom he has given us for his glory!

Amen and Happy New Year!