Otherworldly Diversity


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

"Peter said to them, “You know it’s forbidden for a Jewish man to associate with or visit a foreigner, but God has shown me that I must not call any person impure or unclean." Acts 10:28

Splendid diversity, all tribes, all tongues, all worshiping Jesus together. That is where the kingdom of God is headed and this is what we can get a taste for now as we minister with one another and choose to live as if the gospel is our center and driving force. 

Reservoir church, for its size, is really diverse. If you think about it. We have white, Asian, black, Hispanic and a few beautiful mixtures of all of it worshiping together on Sundays and in small groups. And I think it is more than just the reality of our culture, but an affinity in Christ that brings us together. Made to be a family, loving one another so outsiders notice and join in. 

But what are the people groups we exclude without thinking about it? How can we let this gospel of the grace of Christ so form us that we gain eyes to see those corners we have neglected? These are questions I want to keep wrestling with and expose you to as well. 

One key area that I believe the Lord is bringing us to shine light and hope is the special needs community. In fact, I think the Lord is up to something toward this end in a number of churches in SD and we get to take part. We have determined to establish a deaconate role specifically to keep this potential ministry before us and while we don't fully know what it will look like long term, we see people that are loved by God, in need of grace. So we will endeavor to bring it to them. 

Maybe the Lord will put another people group on your heart. Maybe the huge refugee population in town. Maybe migrant workers. Maybe people we can't even imagine in the moment. Let's all determine to push in, trust the Lord, be shaped by the gospel for all people, and proclaim his name to whosoever will come. Let's be a people of otherworldy diversity.