Newsletter February 21, 2018


How do you build a church and how long does it take? Just a couple of the questions we will uncover as we study Acts 11:19-30 this Sunday. 10 am at Del Norte. Bring your friends. Let's worship together. 

Member Meeting - March 11, directly after service we will have a covenant members meeting to affirm Bill Detrich and Scott McCarthy for another term on the Elder Council. During this service, we will also commission new Deacons. Plan to attend all are welcome. 

Good Friday Service - Mark your calendar for March 30. We will have an evening service to reflect on the gift of the cross and life in Christ on this side of it! 

Youth Huddle – In March we will have a volunteer and leader huddle to envision and plan our ministry for youth. If you haven’t already, contact to get on the list.