Plodding for the Glory of Christ


Pastor Jonathan’s Monday reflection

In Acts 11 we see the formation of the church in Antioch. What will become the central mission-sending church in the first century. The hand of the Lord is on the preaching of disciples and many are added to the church. They are encouraged toward steadfast faithfulness and they partner in ministry with sweat, money and life.  

Looking back we can embrace these things, see them as important, and even desire them. But in the crush and rush of life it is the plodding that we often overlook or neglect as we live for moments over the long game. We live in the no-waiting reality of the modern world in 2018. We microwave everything, even sit down restaurants deliver food within mere minutes. On demand entertainment is delivered when and how you want it. Our resolutions are shaped by the hopes of a magic pill that will deliver results over night. We want relationships to rapidly move from hello to besties. And we expect to arrive at the top of the ladder in our careers the moment we take a first step. 

The best of things though comes through the long obedience in the same direction. No less empowered by the Spirit of God, and no less in need of partnership, we walk through life, we keep at it. And we can because Jesus has finished the race for us. He has won our righteousness, our place on the podium, and nothing can steal that eternal security. So we take another step. We lean forward. Not looking for a flash in the pan, but a faithful, steadfast purpose of following Jesus and bringing him glory.  

We don’t do a lot of fancy or fast things at Reservoir. But we are determined to daily revel in the grace of Jesus and in it find our strength to keep going. Are you willing to give your life away for this? Plodding together? Let’s do it.