Bold Participation


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

Yesterday was a good day. Not only because the Patriots lost a Superbowl! But certainly, because a group of former rebels got together and worshiped Jesus, then said goodbye to members of our family with a party. 

It is never easy when friends and partners in mission move away, we will miss the Uhles as they head to Utah, but we trust their partnership in the gospel will go on as members of the kingdom. 

That is an important point, isn't it? The kingdom is bigger than just our neck of the woods, and even our little body of believers. Jesus has a global mission that unites all flavors of us for his glory. 

But he also has a special place and role for the little guys, the faithful that cling to Jesus and one another. Being part of a little church is bold participation. Made members of one another, we are formed into a family and what we each bring to the table in way of personality and gifting is vital to the life of the church. No one is a bystander in the kingdom of God and this is zoomed in at the small local church level. 

So thank you for your bold participation. For being a church on mission together, making disciples of Jesus by preaching him, his grace and love for those far from him. We may not always be small in number but we will always be united in our mission and the essential role we each play in the life of the church. 

We are stronger together. We are Reservoir Church!