Message & Miracles on a Monday


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

Hear a sermon on clinging to the most important message ever and still needing a miracle to live, to advance and witness to the subject of this message, Jesus. Then wake up after Daylight Saving on a Monday. We need a miracle just to function today, let alone preach the gospel! 

Really this is all of life, isn't it? Our weakness, even our ability, still in need of a little help not only from our friends but our Savior. That we pull through each day and still remember the goodness of Christ and his saving and transforming work for us, is a major miracle. And I want more of those! 

You know what else is a miracle? You are. Reservoir Church. Walking away from yesterday's very full schedule, or worship, preaching, commissioning two awesome deacons, and a covenant members meeting, (let's not forget the faithful that served our special needs friends at Villa Bernardo!) I was struck by the unity of purpose and sacrifice each one of you make to be part of this church. To be open to the Lord's direction, to labor toward it together, what a gift. Not only that but to do so after rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a church split and leadership void. 

God must not be done with us yet! 

This morning I read a quote that said, "don't try to be the best church, just be the church." That is what we are setting out to do, and I think we are actually acomplishing. Let's keep at it! 

Together, rescued by Jesus, reshaped into family, for the renewal of others and all things. Let's press in and witness many more miracles alone the way. Happy Monday!