New Beginnings & Going with the Gospel


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection:

What a tremendous gift the Lord has given us in our new worship space. It was a joy to break in the sanctuary and I hear the kiddos loves the Children's Ministry space. The possibilities are endless as to how we can use our new residence and how the Lord will bring redemptive influence through us to our city. 

Thank you for partnering with the family of Reservoir to make it all happen so fast. We still have some funds to raise to pay for all the improvements but God has provided so much to us. 

It was truly a morning of new beginnings. Not only were we figuring out a new space but two young men identified with Christ through baptism. It was a celebration of responding to the gospel with obedience. Let's prepare for many more as the Spirit empowers us to proclaim the gospel in every corner of life. 

Have a great week and please being praying for the elders and our wives as we head to Orange County for a few days of meeting with Advance Movement churches in the western U.S. We are looking forward to being encouraged and refreshed.