Healing, Hope, & Wholeheartedness


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

Jesus calls all who are tired, weary, burdened to come to him. He is the place of rest, his burden is light. His yoke, his way is easy. 

This is the truth we revel in day after day. This is the truth we come back to for refreshment, encouragement and the strength to get through the day. And this is the truth that brings healing, hope, and wholeheartedness. 

What a sweet time we had of serving each other in prayer, asking the Lord to bring hope and healing. This is what the church is meant for. The consistent proclamation of the gospel that saves and the consistent care of one another in prayer and action. 

I am so excited about what Jesus is doing in our midst. It is an exhausting season with our new space and increasing needs of shepherding the flock, but the Lord has provided steady hands to lead. We have added Lawrence Lueng and John Zaal as interim leaders on our elder council and both men represent the future of Reservoir - a commitment to Christ and his people. 

We are also moving into a neighborhood where localized ministry will be more natural because some of us actually live nearby. In-roads are more available with a special needs community we are part of. And having access to space 24/7 will change much of what we can offer each other and the ministry. 

No matter how we move forward, healing, hope, and wholeheartedness in the gospel will be our way. Let's get excited for it and lean in!