Paying Attention to be Present


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

Yesterday at lunch the kids were talking about the importance of paying attention. It followed one of them missing some key instruction so the eldest when on a long rant about where life leads if you don't pay attention. I will spare you the drama, but let's just say it is not good! 

We walk away from a sermon on the presence of Christ, always with us, in the place we are which has a purpose and we are protected by his grace. We see the call to be present, just as Jesus is. But do we let it sink in and take root? 

By and large we have an attention problem. We don't notice things we are meant to and we miss so much because of it. Without a doubt we are distracted by myriad things, many vitally important, but in our distraction we have learned to go through life not paying attention. 

Noticing others, seeing Jesus in all of Scripture, experiencing his presence in our ordinary lives. Important things before us. Let's not miss them. 

I am not sure what being present will look like in your life. In mine it means setting aside some of the dreaming of year 10 and experiencing year 3. Seeing the faces and struggles next to me rather than the "opportunity" far off. It will certainly mean getting down on the floor and playing with my kids and making that blog post wait a bit... It will mean seeing my wife and valuing her gifting and passions now, not later. 

Let's be people that pay attention - first to what Jesus says of us in union with him, and next to life in front of us. Only the Lord knows how he might use us, fully engaged, aware and ready.