The Midnight Oil We Need


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

I went a few minutes long in preaching yesterday, but being in Acts 20 and reading of Paul preaching through the night, I feel like five extra minutes is fine! 

Here was the church multicultural, living through normal life, and clearly on mission - a movement of believers. And it was the message of the church that fueled them for all of life, all of ministry. It was their joy to labor together, and just be together recounting the truths that defined and refined them. 

The good news of Jesus is exactly what they had, and it is exactly what we need to fuel us through the night, and through a life of ministry as we carry it to others in needs. That's the point isn't it. That we take what came to us, the gift of forgiveness, the gift of righteousness in Christ. We take it wherever we go, wherever there is someone in need - and friends, that's everywhere. 

How will we endeavor to stay fueled up and active in ministry and life together? By continually drinking from the well of the gospel. Tapping into the grace of Jesus that never runs dry, that sustains, heals, awakens and releases. 

Get into a group, make Sundays a priority, find a gospel posse to remind you and spur you on to the good things Jesus has prepared for us. 

Let's burn the oil, walk in the light, and see how God might use us for his glory!