Newsletter June 27, 2018


Sunday as we gather for worship we are going to see Paul's drive in Acts 21:1-16. He seems unstoppable and not even the pleas of his friends can keep him from the mission Jesus has given him. What keeps us from this same mission? What if following Jesus turns out to be really hard, is it worth it? Let's dive in an find out together. 10 am at 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido. 

Pray for Asia - Tiff & Ben will host a prayer meeting this Friday, June 29, 7PM at 9689 Saskatchewan Ave., San Diego, CA 92129. RSVP to Tiff by phone or

Family Sunday - This week all of our kids will remain in the worship service with us for the whole morning. It is a great time for all of us to mine the Scripture together! 

Re:Reservoir - This Sunday! Regarding Reservoir. Join the elders for coffee after service in the church office/CM rooms to ask questions about Reservoir, serving, becoming a member or anything else.

Reservoir Women's Retreat - Change of Date! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29. We will be hosting a day-long retreat in Poway. More info to come.  

Reservoir Men’s Prayer - Saturday, July 7, 8 am. Dudes, join us in the parking lot for prayer for our church, community and the kingdom.

Join the Movement - What area of life has Jesus asked you to surrender to him? Who are the people you are meant to show mercy and grace? Go for it. Jump in. Ask the Spirit to give you power and join the movement.