Seeing and Expecting Miracles


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

If I walked away from our Sunday gathering with one clear sense it was that the miraculous is happening we are just really out of practice in noticing it and ascribing it to the work of the Holy Spirit. 

We are far too rational and frankly a little scared of where the path of witnessing miraculous works will head. But we always keep the truth that the miraculous is meant to draw us to Jesus before us and the Bible firmly in the center of our discerning and we will be okay. Better than okay, we will be right where the Lord desires for us to be. 

What will it take for us to move into this next season of ministry relying on and seeking power from Jesus? Perhaps it is better celebration of miracles when we encounter them. Maybe it is more intentional petition for the Spirit to work. Even still it is asking the Lord to give us hearts to hunger and eyes to see when he works among us. 

Let's do it all. Let's seek the glory of Jesus and expect the Spirit will work signs and wonders to confirm the gospel preached and love we have in the family of the church. 

May the Spirit move among us. May we see it. May we expect it. Amen.