Picking Up Pennies


Pastor Jonathan's Monday Reflection:

As I was on my run this morning I noticed along the road a couple of pennies in different places and I picked both of them up. I am often tempted to leave them be and keep running but today as I put them in my pocket I realized, this is the work of the church. 

Okay, our work is not to find change on the ground, but to serve and share Jesus with those "of little value" in our cultural moment. The neighbor that seems too far off. The immigrant that can't speak our dominant language. The homeless man addicted to alcohol or anything that will mask the pain. The child with special needs. 

Too often our inclination is for the "bigger coins." The shiny things of more "value." But Jesus has a different mission in mind. He calls us to recognize the value in all people, the worth they have as image bearers of God. And the worth they have in his eyes. 

While we were less than pennies Jesus took on the cross for us. And now as those that have found eternal satisfaction in him, we are given the mission to round up ever "penny" we can find. To know Jesus and make him known. Serving the least for the work of renewal. 

This is what our family exists for. Shall we go find some "pennies?!"