Christian Standard Bible


A note from Jonathan:

Over the last month or so some of you have noticed that I have been reading a different translation of the Bible during my sermons. It’s true, since my summer vacation it has been the Christian Standard Bible translation that we have been using on Sundays. So why a different translation?

There are a couple of reasons but first we have to recognize that Reservoir does not have an official translation of Scripture. While I have used the ESV (English Standard Version) for the last three years, our congregation reads and memorizes Scripture in a number of different translations - all of which are faithful to the original languages. Some translations are literal (word for word from the original Hebrew or Greek) and others are more “readable” (thought for thought) translations.

The CSB (Christian Standard Bible) falls in the middle of all of that with what they call optimal equivalence (read more about that here). Faithful to the text and readable. As Reservoir desires to be a place where those brand new to the Bible would be welcome, I wanted to use a translation that was very accessible to all types of readers and hearers. Something everyone can understand no matter how long they have been around.

By changing translations I have also found that I am stretched in my devotional reading and study as well. I fell in love with Scripture while reading the ESV, it is most familiar to me and by changing I realize I am hearing the same great truths in a fresh way.

So on Sundays we will read from the CSB, but you are encouraged to study and read the translation you are most comfortable with.