Step Up to the Mic

Sunday during worship we heard of word of encouragement and reminder from Jackie that the Lord had given to her. And if you are newer to Reservoir you may have wondered what is that mic all about in the front of the room - and why do people occasionally speak a word to the congregation from it?

In hopes on answering some of the questions, and encourage more of the church body to use the gifts the Spirit has given you, the elders created some guidance a while back that might be helpful and stir you to step up to the mic!


“Reservoir Church makes a microphone available during worship services that at times may be used by the congregation for a word of encouragement, prayer, praise, or spontaneous prophecy as led by the Holy Spirit.

As a church, we desire to see each member of the body empowered by the Spirit for life and ministry, and many to use their gifts to edify the body and glorify Christ during our gatherings.

The Holy Spirit desires to fill each believer continually with increased power for Christian life and witness, and imparts his supernatural gifts for the edification of the body and for various works of ministry in the world. These gifts should be eagerly desired.” – Reservoir Church Confessional Statement.

“Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1 ESV)

As a member of the congregation you have the opportunity to encourage the body by sharing a word of encouragement, Scripture, prayer or something you feel the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart (prophetic impression). If you feel lead, approach the elder near the mic to share with him the word to determine if it is to be shared with the congregation.

Valuable words will share some of these attributes of glorifying Jesus, reminding the congregation of the gospel, and encouraging the congregation to trust in and seek the Lord

This is not a time to share a teaching, but instead a brief word to build up the church. “It should be defined not as “predicting the future,” or “proclaiming a word from the Lord…” but rather as “telling something that God has spontaneously brought to mind.” – Wayne Grudem”

We desire to pursue those things the Word of God tell us to see the body built up for ministry.

If you have any questions feel free to chat with an elder or email