Newsletter January 23, 2019


Sunday at Reservoir we will worship in song and sermon. Isaiah 12 is itself a worshipful psalm rejoicing in the salvation that belongs to the Lord. How might we drink from this deep well ourselves? Let’s dive in, 10 am at 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido.

Serving and Small Groups - Are you ready to jump into life with Reservoir? Thinking of a place to serve or a small group to attend or start? Hit us up & we will help you,

Creatives Unleashed - God has given has given each of us creative gifts. Have you been using yours lately? Song writing and poetry (lyrics) is one stream that at least a few of us at Res are itching to explore. Interested? Email or talk to Ben L.

Warm Jazmin's Heart, Body, and Soul - Come sign a card for our missionary Jazmin this Sunday. If you'd like to chip-in to send her extra warm layers for her work in the mountains, please contact Tiff Linde at this week.