The God Who Heals

We are excited about the things coming out of Convergence, an organization led by Sam Storms to see churches flourish in both Word and Spirit. Here is their vision:

The urgent need of the church in the twenty-first century is Christians who are intellectually exhilarated by complex biblical truths yet unafraid to give public expression to deep emotional delight and heart-felt affection for Jesus; theologically sophisticated followers of Christ who are hungry for the revelatory gifts of the Spirit while always subject to the final authority of the written text of Scripture. Whereas some say this is impossible, we believe the Scriptures call us to labor in the grace of God for the whole-hearted and passionate embrace of both Word and Spirit.

To that end they have hosted yearly conferences and this year, September 26-28 in Oklahoma City, the conference will focus on healing. While healing of body and soul can raise the eyebrows in our day, we trust the Word and know that God still heals. The conference will tackle questions like:

  • Is it always God’s will to heal? If not, why not?

  • What is the role of faith in healing?

  • What does the OT say about healing?

  • Can we follow the example of Jesus in healing the sick?

  • Is Satan responsible for all (or any) sickness?

  • What should I do if I’m not healed? Should I ever stop praying for healing?

  • Is there such a thing as a theology of suffering?

  • Can I be healed of shame and emotional brokenness?

  • Why aren’t more people healed?

  • What is the relationship between healing and other spiritual gifts like prophecy and word of knowledge?


There is a small team of people from Reservoir excited to attend this year’s conference. If you are interested in joining them this fall email Bill at to get on the list.