Reservoice: A Searching Hindu’s Experience with Christ and Christians

PC: Atharva Tulsi

PC: Atharva Tulsi

What is it like to know there is a right path, a true path, but for each path you walk to lead to another dead end?

1 billion people follow Hindu traditions. They search aggressively, endlessly, yet with futility. It is an endless cycle. It’s from one god to another, one shrine, one blessing, one deed, one life to the next.

The peaceful truth of Christ answers the desperate question “What is truth?” with the resounding answer “I AM.
— “15 Days Hindu World Prayer Focus” video

Jacki Schwantner shares her conversation with a searching Hindu.

A dear Hindu-background friend, who is searching for truth, shares some of his thoughts with us.

Q: Growing up in a Hindu family, what have you understood about Hinduism?

A: There are many nominal Hindus. Yet, for a spiritual person like myself, Hindu life is very connected to the temple and his or her Hindu family. There are thousands of gods to focus on, so it’s hard to address Hinduism as a whole. It depends on what teaching you receive, and which gods are emphasized. For all Hindus, the struggle of life and suffering is very real.

Q: What led you to want to know more about Jesus?

A: I was not satisfied with faithful Hindus’ response to the issue of suffering. I saw something different in Christians. Even in people who are considered holy Hindus, I did not see compassion in the face of suffering.

Q: What makes it hard for you to give your life to follow Christ?

A: The pressure is too great. Part of following Christ means sharing the gospel with my family and getting baptized. Yet, my family suffered greatly when they heard I wanted to follow Christ. I thought my purpose was to know God and love people. How could following this purpose bring pain to my family?

Also, it’s easy to be Christian in theory, but it’s a struggle to live it. Once I met a woman who hadn’t eaten in days. I asked the church to help her, but they said they had to focus their resources on helping their own members. There’s too much “like-minded-ness” occurring. Muslims care for Muslims, Christians care for those like them. Everyone helps people like themselves. The hypocrisy makes it hard for me to follow Christ.

In light of this exchange, there are several things we, who believe in Christ, can ask of the Lord of Compassion. Christ knows true suffering and he will bring those who suffer with him to glory. We can petition the Lord to help us graciously share Him with those of the Hindu faith, in ways that rightly reflect His truth, His sovereignty, and His unfailing love.

Dear Lord Jesus, you are the precious Way, Truth, and Life. Merciful and gracious God, gift faith and saving grace in Christ alone to Hindu people. Forgive us for the ways we don’t show you and your compassion, and thus stumble people who are seeking you. Guide us with your discernment and sensitivity, Holy Spirit, to share the light and love of Christ with those in need of the Savior.