Missions Prayer Focus: Unreligious


Each month following the first Sunday, as a church we will have a prayer focus for a specific people group, for gospel work among them and that Jesus would be known among them. This week we are praying for the unreligious - those that faith no faith or reject religion.

In order to pray corporately our team has written a prayer guide for this week. Check it out here and let’s pray together.

The unreligious will also be our focus for Discontents prayer this Thursday evening at 7.

Newsletter January 30, 2019

Sunday at Reservoir we are traversing a large section of Scripture to see the kingship of God and what that means for those who oppose him and those that put faith in him. May Jesus be our King! 10 am for worship at 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido.

Discontents Prayer - Tomorrow, Thursday at 7 pm, we will be gathering for our weekly corporate prayer. This week we will pray for church planting. Equipping, being a sending church, supporting and partnering. What will it means for Reservoir and how will the Lord use us. Join us as we pray in the sanctuary.


Men’s Prayer

Saturday, 8 am. All the men of Reservoir will meet in the church parking lot to cry out to the Lord for our church, community and kingdom. All dudes welcome.

Advance - For the last year the elders have been interacting with and getting to know pastors, churches, and leader of Advance a church planting and strengthening movement. Over the coming months we want to engage you about the potential to partner and become a member church. Check them out www.advancemovement.com.

Join our Hospitality Team - Looking to hold doors and say hey to friends and strangers alike? Join our usher and greeting team. Email hello@reservoirchurchsd.org to sign up! 

Buddy break is happening! - We are open to the community starting February 9 from 10-1. Help us share Jesus with families affected by special needs! Need training or want to check out what we’re all about? Come by from 10:30-1 for an info session. RSVP at buddybreak@reservoirchurchsd.org