Books to Read

Book to Read: Broken for Blessing


A reading recommendation from Pastor Jonathan.

While we have shared some content from Broken for Blessing already here I wanted to encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and give it a read. Within its pages Frow sets out a vision (by way of description of his church’s history) for multiplication of medium-sized churches.

We can talk about wanting to have multiplication as part of our DNA but Frow shows you how and why we should. But the book is not just about sending out or replanting churches, it is also about the importance of preaching the gospel, being a Word and Spirit church, and ministering in the culture of California. There are insights throughout and Frow has an easy writing style making the text engaging and fast.

I think this book has the potential to become a manifesto for churches like ours, those that long to see the biblical church in action, marrying a view of Scripture as our authority with the power and move of the Holy Spirit among us. It might even be used by the Lord to spur us on to new thinking and leading so that we too can be about kingdom work.

Order your copy today and share insights you find.

Books to Read: Uncomfortable

In an effort to give members of Reservoir options to growing in maturity, we will occasionally share a suggestion of a good book or resource. Today Jonathan wants to recommend Uncomfortable by Brett McCracken.


Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community. Brett McCracken is an editor and author for The Gospel Coalition and a local church elder in Orange County and he has given the church a wonderful and engaging book that sticks its’ nose into those areas we are often most uncomfortable.

You may have noticed that during our Awkward series I have been quoting McCracken because there is such wisdom and important truth to be found here. The chapters wrestle with people, diversity, worship, authority, unity, commitment - all things that build a countercultural comfort within the church even when they tend to make us most uncomfortable.

Setting aside personal preference for the flourishing of the church. Engaging where I usually don’t because it glorifies Christ… and so much more.

The book is accessible and an enjoyable read. Grab a copy and get uncomfortable!