Watercooler July 3, 2019


What gain is there in waiting on the Lord? How can people like us persevere? Sunday will take a look through the lens of Isaiah 40:27-31. Who doesn’t need “wings?” Join in for worship at 10 am. 2437 S Centre City Parkway in Escondido.

Men’s Prayer | Saturday, July 6 at 8 am. We will meet at the Piedras Pintadas trailhead in RB. Coffee, donuts and prayer. We will meet in the dirt parking lot and then ascend a short hill for a view of our city and to seek the Lord for revival. It could be a pivotal time of prayer and if you are waiting for your first time praying with other Reservoir guys, this is it. Be there.

Women’s Prayer | Our monthly prayer in July will be on the 9th at 10 am. Bring the kids and join other Reservoir ladies in prayer.

Reservoir Church BBQ/Leung Baby Shower | Sunday, July 14 after church at the Hansen home. $5 suggested donation for lunch. Please RSVP to Janice at buddybreak@reservoirchurchsd.org or 559-824-8777.

Buddy Break | We will be back in action shortly! Whether you're a regular volunteer or you haven't attended been trained yet, come for our summer training session on Saturday, July 27 at noon. Bonus: Lunch included! Please RSVP to Janice at buddybreak@reservoirchurchsd.org or 559-824-8777.


Advance Update | Advance is a church strengthening and planting movement that our elders have decided to align our church with. We will hold a membership vote to affirm that decision this fall. Check our the latest updates from Advance here.

Update from Char

This week, pray for the Su Refugio team to Paraguay to have attentive eyes & open hearts for connecting with our brothers and sisters in Paraguay. Here is an update from Char:

“Let me share what has been going on last week:

Nidia, a teacher trained through Miracle 139, has a growing school- 85 students come for tutoring in small groups. She has truly taken what we taught her to the next level. Our work was not in vain!

Nidia & Staff June 2019.jpeg

I led an Active Learning Training for the second grade, Special Ed classroom in Tobati (the city where Su Refugio is). It was very well received. The only complaint was that there wasn't sugar for the coffee at break. We went to visit some of the classrooms a few days later to encourage them, model some strategies, and make suggestions for individualization. It was so encouraging to see the difference from how classrooms were run a few years ago! My co-teacher Wilson calls teachers HEROES! because of all they do with so little.

2nd grade Tobati trianing June 2019.JPG

For example, this teacher had her Special ed students make numbers with hierba (the herbs they make a favorite drink mate and tereré with).

Rocio & hierba project 2019.JPG

There's also relationship drama going on, which happens everywhere, so I need God's love and kindness to know my role in it. Thank you for praying for the work here. It's such an honor to be part of it.

Love and blessings, Charlotte”