A Table of Strangers Desperate for Jesus

Pastor Jonathan Shradar preaches on Isaiah 56 & 57. The church of Christ is meant to be a table of strangers desperate for Jesus.

Sermon notes.

Small groups questions:

How would the people of Judah have responded to the idea of foreigners and eunuchs being given the same salvation and made children of God? Why are we likely to respond in similar ways?

How does the grace of Christ free us to welcome the stranger into the family?

What motivation does the grace of Christ give us to live for holiness and obedience to him? 

What is it that turns us away from our idolatry back to Jesus?

How do we stay low before the Lord? What is the role of community toward this end? 

What does reviving of the lowly and contrite look like in our day? How can we tap into it?

That Ship Has Sailed

Pastor Jonathan Shradar preaches on Isaiah 54 & 55. The redeemed of the Lord are marked with faith and satisfaction in him.

Sermon notes.

Small group questions:

What are the things that keep us from a life of faith as Isaiah 54 invites?

How does the cross of Christ actually deliver this kind of life?

What are the things we can do to experience more of this life of faith?

How would you describe being satisfied in Jesus to someone who has yet to believe?

What does this satisfaction-derived joy look like practically in your life?

From His Pain to Our Peace

Pastor Jonathan Shradar preaches on Isaiah 52:13-53:12. The beginning of the good news about Jesus is his substitution for us on the cross.

Small group questions

Why are we culturally averse to labeling things in our lives sin? How does owning our sin (calling it what it is) benefit us?

If Jesus was the model person why would he be despised? What are the hardest things about Jesus for you to esteem or believe?

How does this substitution on the cross impact your life not just for eternity but now?

What is our motivation to take the message of Jesus and his cross to the neighborhoods and nations?

How does the cross empower you to bring a redemptive influence where you work and live?