Jesus isn't all you have until Jesus is all you have


Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection

I really am not a fan of living faith this way. Desperate. I prefer to have a nest egg, an escape route, credentials to fall back on. But over and over again the model presented, and the place grace is most thickly applied is among the desperate. 

We see this in Acts 5 when those desperate for healing line the sick in the street in the hope that the Apostle's shadow will fall on them. And every one of them, all are healed. Jesus met them in their desperation. 

This is exactly where he meets you too, and funny thing is, you can't script it or set the mood lighting just right. Our lives, and the attempts to be good enough, to prove ourselves, that all brings us there. Because nothing apart from Christ is enough. Nothing apart from Christ is enough for salvation, enough for regular old life, enough for transformation. Jesus + Nothing. We bring our need, he brings his grace and power. 

Where are you today? Feeling desperate? That is a good place if we turn to Christ. So run to him, trust in his work on the cross to take on your sin and declare you righteous. Take steps into this new life he promises in his resurrection and by the power of the Spirit. 

Not so desperate? Smile. Ask God to make you desperate for him even in the midst of comfort. That you would be satisfied in Jesus alone. This is the place to be, the place of change, joy, peace. 

May we be the band of the desperate, meeting the real Jesus and making him famous in our city.