Newsletter August 1, 2018


Nearing the end of our study of Acts and Paul is before the King, recounting the hope he has in the promises of God. Are they to be trusted? Can we believe in Jesus? Let's huddle and talk about it Sunday at 10 am, 2437 S Centre City PKWY in Escondido. 

Men's Prayer - Saturday, August 4, 8 am at the church. Men joining together in prayer for our church, families, city, and the kingdom. Dudes, be part of this. 

Membership Lunch - Sunday, August 19. After service, we will host a lunch for those interested in becoming covenant members at Reservoir. Elders will talk about our confessional statement, our book of church order and what it means to be a member. Register online here

2018 Women's retreat.png

Hidden with Christ - Reservoir Women our fall retreat is set for September 29. The one-day event in a comfortable setting will apply the gospel thick and give you an opportunity for real rest in the midst of the chaos. Find out more and register here.


FAR Groups - Don't forget to sign up for our Fall Friends at Reservoir groups. You will be paired with new people to have dinner, go to the park or party any way you prefer that you can meet more of the family. Sign up online here

Generosity Beyond - We don't often talk of giving at Reservoir, which we realize might actually be letting you down in not giving an opportunity for you to respond to the grace of Jesus with generosity. As we move to the tail end of 2018 we don't want to forget the budget goals we set last December, specifically raising enough income to add a staff member (in worship and discipleship ministry). Maybe the Lord has called you to give a larger gift to support this goal or to be regularly faithful in giving. Be encourage, God loves a cheerful giver.