The Meal and the Miracle of Community

Pastor Jonathan's Monday reflection...

I have to confess that I am guilty of sometimes approaching communion as if it is just tradition without significance and I have even noticed an inclination to hurry through it to get to "the good stuff." But Jesus is so kind to us that in his word he gives us reminders of the purpose of the Lord's Supper and how we should be taking it. 

The bread and the cup are the imagery of his body broken for us, the new covenant in his blood, forgiveness and new life all in these elements as a remembrance of the cross. What communion points to is our defining truth in the church, it is how we can to be and what we live to proclaim, even when we consume this meal, as often as we do it until he comes. 

The taking of the bread and cup though is meant for community. We are inclined to put ourselves first and think only how everything pertains to or affects ourselves. But in 1 Corinthians 11 we hear how the Supper, if it is to be the Lord's Supper, must be done with care for one another - with those around us in mind. We are to evaluate our motives and lives to ensure that we are repentant and that we have love for our brothers and sisters. 

This is is striking reality to me, all of 1 Corinthians really is about living in community and being others'-focused and here it is the meal that serves as the center of the community that highlights it. What a miracle it is to experience this community. 

As we step into the week my prayer is that we would be a community of believers that welcomes and waits for one another. That we would be know by our love. That in our diversity Christ would be glorified as we come together to proclaim him. 

May we spend this week seeking others and savoring Jesus together.